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January 30, 2012

Rights groups slam new US voter restrictions

US civil rights groups have been criticising new laws, backed by Republicans, that could deny millions of people their right to vote in dozens of states in the country.

A wave of restrictive laws passed in Republican-held state legislatures will mean that a disproportionate number of ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, the elderly and the young will find voting difficult and in many cases impossible.

Among the legislations is a requisite that aspiring voters present a state-issued photo identification card to cast their ballot. That could affect around 21 millions who do not have the necessary ID.

The apparent reason for the ID requisite is to prevent voter fraud, yet an extensive analysis by the US Justice Department.found that incidents of vote fraud are exceedingly rare and that the new laws would not solve the registration issues.

Some analysts say the restrictions would have a severe impact on the country’s presidential vote set for November in the favor of Republicans.

Al Jazeera‘s Rob Reynold traveled to the state of Wisconsin, where he spoke to one American woman whose right to vote may have been stripped by the new restrictions

December 16, 2011

Nothing Good, can come of this! – The Ryan-Wyden Medicare debacle

A review of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan and Oregon Senator Ron Wyden‘s plan that would retain today’s Medicare as an option while adding private plans and restrictive benchmarks.