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July 16, 2013

Zimmerman Brother Trashes Trayvon Martin: He Wanted Guns and Drugs

“Robert Zimmerman Jr. gave the first post-verdict interview from the Zimmerman family to CNN’s Piers Morgan tonight. Zimmerman told Morgan his family is still processing the verdict and the prospect of George being a free man again. He did not partake in any kind of joy, saying no matter what it’s still a horrible tragedy, but expressed that his brother will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his free life.”*

Robert Zimmerman Jr., brother of Geroge Zimmerman, did something truly disgusting by slandering Trayvon Martin with completely unsubstantiated claims. He said he wanted to start “the healing process” during his CNN interview with Piers Morgan, but it seemed more likely that he wanted to rub his brother’s innocent verdict in everyone’s faces.


January 17, 2012

Social Media, The Associated Press, and The Rupert Murdoch effect

The creation of social media has changed the face of media and news gathering. People all over the world get their news on mobile devices as it happens and not necessarily on an aired newscast. Now the Associated Press has announced a change of their own; after 165 they have decided to change their format. Many are curious as to why the sudden change, but Seaton Smith, filmmaker and comedian, joins us to discuss why the AP is looking to include more interpretation in their journalism.

December 30, 2011

Fake Social Network Accounts – The Truthy Project Ferrets Out Online Political Deception (w/Video)

In an era of digital deception, scientists at Indiana University are using Twitter to investigate the nature of truth, lies and politics.