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March 3, 2012

Obama The ‘Anti-Christ’: Why The Mindless Hate of President Obama By Republicans?

Republicans and the Art of Racism… President Obama is Dealing With an Aggressive Covert and Fascist Operation in Congress, in The Media and On The Streets.

February 22, 2012

Billionaire Might Give $100M To Gingrich Or Other Republican

Conservative casino mogul Sheldon Adelson might give $100 million dollars to Newt Gingrich or another 2012 Republican Presidential candidate like Mitt Romney to help defeat President Obama according to a Forbes interview.

January 30, 2012

Andrew Breitbart: Champion of Right Wing Hollywood. Cross Burning Victims? Not So Much.

Anti-racist author, activist and teacher Tim Wise on racism, the history and social perception of government programs, group based failure and more talk about everyone’s favorite whipping boy, Andrew Breitbart.

For the rest of the Tim Wise interview…

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January 8, 2012

Ron Paul Shames Coward Gingrich For Avoiding Draft

GOP candidate Ron Paul says to Newt Gingrich,

“At least I went when they called me up.”

January 5, 2012

“Pimpin’ for Paul!” Las Vegas Prostitutes endorse Ron Paul 2012 (and no this is not an onion story)

Ron Paul is a Pimp…..

Why not, he’s everything else, why not a pimp?  Well the well traveled politician has garnered the support of White Supremacy Groups,  Disaffected Youths, and now Las Vegas Prostitutes and their pimp.  Seems like nothing can stop Ron Paul strange popularity…. not even common sense……

WOIA News Radio reports……..

In this tight Republican Presidential campaign, candidates are trying to line up as many backers as possible, and Texas Congressman Ron Paul has tied up the prostitute vote.

“I’m pimping for Paul,” Dennis Hof tells 1200 WOAI news.

The owner of Nevada‘s infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch polled his employees, and there was overwhelming support for the Doctor of Gynecology.  The main reason?  Hof says the longtime libertarian is a champion of state’s rights, which is a big deal in the northern Nevada area they call home.

“Nevada basically tells the fed, ‘We don’t care what you think. We’ll run our state,'” Hof explained.  “It’s the last place for state’s rights.”

The area outside Caron City, Nevada, has legalized prostitution, legalized gambling and the alcohol regulations are far less restrictive than the rest of the country.

In the last election, the female employees at the ranch supported then-Senator Barack Obama, but that soured when he signed a bill allowing the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

“That was it.  Nobody wants to know that guy anymore,” Hof explained.

In addition to being a house of prostitution, they feed and water about two-dozen wild horses who live around the ranch.

The Ron Paul for President campaign has not responded to a request for comment about the endorsement.

January 3, 2012

What’s really going on with the GOP being so racially ignorant? (Updated)

Of the 2012 Republican Presidential candidates, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum have made clueless and ignorant comments  leading up to the Iowa Caucus regarding race (the Dream Act, Civil Rights and an assumptions regarding welfare respectively). Not to mention Rick Perry‘s own troubles (ie “The N#ggerhead Ranch Debacle” ) Are they really this clueless, or is there something deeper yet still familiar rising up from their psyche?  And why is it that it seems like only the GOP is having this problem?


December 29, 2011

Rats begin to jump ship! – Top Michelle Bachmann aide defects to Ron Paul campaign

Well the rats are beginning to jump off the Michelle Bachmann boat as Kent Sorensen defects from the Bachmann campaign to the Ron Paul campaign, allegedly for money (says Bachmann)

December 23, 2011

Say It Ain’t So Ronny! – Ron Paul’s Keynote Speech ~ 50th Anniversary of The John Birch Society

Well, I have many friends that are Ron Paul Fans, and run into many people on a daily basis that have a favorable opinion of him.  But most lack even the basic knowledge of the man himself or his past. Sad to say, even though Dr. Paul may have some interesting ideas and opinions, they are shaded  by his past racism and current associations.  For instance, many view The John Birch Society in a negative light, but come to find out, not only was Dr. Paul the keynote speaker at their 50th anniversary meeting, he has spoken several times at various John Birch Society events.  Here is his keynote address posted by The John Birch Society’s YouTube Channel.

Just In Case You Forgot What The John Birch Society Is…

from The Rachel Maddow Show circa 2009

December 12, 2011

Assassinations, Spying and The Constitution: ACLU President Susan Herman gives her views

“All of our elected representatives have to hear from a broad cross section of liberals, libertarians, conservatives–people who just say, ‘This is too much big government. We want our government back,'” says American Civil Liberties Union President Susan Herman, author of the new book “Taking Liberties: The War on Terror and the Erosion of American Democracy.”

How much has the police state expanded since 9/11, and is there any way to stop it? Herman sat down with Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie to discuss the this and other questions surrounding the state of liberty in America. Herman notes that while there have been a few minor changes in policy, for the most part there’s been a remarkable continuity between the Bush and Obama administrations in terms of their disregard for civil liberties. She makes the case that liberals must make alliances with libertarians and pro-liberty conservatives like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson if there’s any hope of curbing the ever-expanding police state.

She also discusses the recent assassination of American citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki and the ACLU’s role in representing Al-Awlaki’s father in court.

December 2, 2011

Republican’s trying to Keep torture in the hands of Congress

There is a bill in the US Senate called The National Defense Authorization Act that is being debated in Congress. The bill could give the president the power to imprison American citizens without a court hearing. President Obama has said he will veto the bill if it should pass. But how will Senate Bill 1867 affect Americans at home and abroad? Doctor Jeff Kaye, blogger and TruthOut Contributor, tells us what this could mean for Americans.