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March 24, 2013

Fox Lies again? Is anyone even surprised… but you gotta check this one out!

Remember when conservative comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was punched in the face by a union activist outside a Michigan protest? Crowder made a big deal about it, even going so far as to challenge the protester to a “legal, sanctioned mixed martial arts bout.” Then came the unsurprising revelation that the video was misleadingly edited to make Crowder look like an innocent, if obnoxious, victim.”*

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder played himself off as a victim beaten mercilessly by “union thugs” in Michigan a few months back. Then why didn’t he want charges pressed? After police intervened and saw the un-edited, raw tape they decided…Crowder has no case. What happened in the latest Fox Fail?

January 17, 2012

Social Media, The Associated Press, and The Rupert Murdoch effect

The creation of social media has changed the face of media and news gathering. People all over the world get their news on mobile devices as it happens and not necessarily on an aired newscast. Now the Associated Press has announced a change of their own; after 165 they have decided to change their format. Many are curious as to why the sudden change, but Seaton Smith, filmmaker and comedian, joins us to discuss why the AP is looking to include more interpretation in their journalism.