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August 30, 2013

Liberal Blog Attacks Cenk And…

Wonkette, “a left-leaning American online magazine of topical satire and political gossip, established in 2004 by Gawker Media“*, wasn’t happy with Cenk Uygur‘s video on Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton relating to her 2010 voicemail asking for money from a lobbyist. Cenk explains what happened next on The Young Turks.

August 18, 2013

Rodeo Clown In Obama Mask Defended By Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others (updated)

“As some people at the Missouri State Fair see it, the rodeo incident last weekend in which a ringleader taunted a clown wearing a mask of President Obama and played with his lips as a bull charged after him was neither racist nor disrespectful.

It was a joke, they said, overblown by a news media that’s hypersensitive to any possible slight against the nation’s first black president. They said the hooting and hollering from the crowd that night was because of a fundamental dislike of the president.”

August 12, 2013


Reclaim America From The Lunatic Fringe!

by Earlene Williams Hancock – Guest columnist

Someone asked me late last night why he, as an African American, should consider voting… This question was beyond disturbing to me, but let me try to answer it:

1. Voting Rights Act. The Supreme Court recently struck down Section 4 of the Act…which will allow Republican-controlled states to make it harder for minorities to vote. In 2012, as a voting bloc, African Americans exceeded whites in turning out to vote for the first time in history ~ because they were furious that their voting rights were in jeopardy. Many stood in line for 7-8 hours in order to cast their ballots… Many died fighting for our right to vote ~ their sacrifice cannot be in vain!

2. Stand Your Ground. Trayvon Martin might well be alive today, if certain groups like A.L.E.C. (American Legislative Exchange Council) weren’t writing laws…

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