Is there a progressive challenge to Obama now?

Rocky Anderson, 2012 Presidential Candidate-The Justice Party.  Sadly – the circus freak show that would have been the Donald Trump debate has been cancelled. Every single Republican in the race – except for Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum – declined the Donald’s invite – essentially forcing him to cancel. But – as the Donald normally does – rather than fess up that he might have jumped the shark this time – or that he doesn’t have as much pull as he thinks he does – Trump is pretending again he may run for President. But as Trump goes on his “it’s all about me, me, me” tour – there’s an ACTUAL third party candidate jumping in the race this week. And that’s Rocky Anderson – the former Mayor of Salt Lake City – who is now running for President on the Justice Party ticket.


2 Comments to “Is there a progressive challenge to Obama now?”

  1. Rocky Anderson comes off as knowledgeable and mature – I wonder if he’ll gain traction. I think the oxygen in the room for 3rd party candidates (small to begin with) is being controlled pretty strongly by Paul’s supporters and even Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer’s candidaces.

  2. If the Donald runs for President, he’ll only further embarrass our country’s political process in the eyes of the world.. Herman Cain was enough.

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