I Can Show You How To Hack a Voting Machine…. Shouldn’t You Be Worried?

Diebold Voting Machine

After dropping off the front pages of progressive news publications and websites a few years ago, a lot of progressives believed that the problems with electronic voting machines had gone away. Nothing could be further from the truth. And as new investigations have shown, the new supply of voting machines that next year’s presidential election will be using are more flawed than any of the machines we’ve seen in the last decade. Mike Papantonio talks about the latest round of problems with electronic voting with Brad Friedman, founder of The Brad Blog.


Today we learned that our democracy could be hacked by an eighth grader with 26 bucks. That’s what a security assessment team with the US Department of Energy discovered when they successfully hacked into a Diebold electronic voting machine – and were able to change voting results without leaving a trace behind. These are the same guys that make sure the facilities that manufacture nuclear bombs are secure – and the security assessment team leader said about the voting machine hack, “this is a national security issue.” Despite all this – in next year’s election – 30% of voters are expected to use these very same “hack-easy” voting machines – that the rest of the world have shelved citing security concerns. And today – with the rise of hack-activist groups like Anonymous – this glaring hole in the security of our elections – could be exploited for absurd purposes…and, the nominee is…Scooby Doo?

I Can Show You How To Hack a Voting Machine

5 Responses to “I Can Show You How To Hack a Voting Machine…. Shouldn’t You Be Worried?”

  1. Well, its a good thing we are running short of 8th graders with 26 bucks.


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